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Mysterious Geocache -

a time-travelling adventure

in World War 2

- by John Halden

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 2018

ISBN: 978-1723224980 - available from Amazon and other good book sellers


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About the book:

When cousins Sophie and Oliver go Geocaching during the school holiday, they don’t expect to go on a time-travelling adventure; but that is what happens.

A search for a Geocache in a mysterious World War 2 bunker takes them back to the 1940s, where they are mistaken for evacuees returning from Canada. They meet Anne – a girl of their own age, who believes their story about time travel.

Oliver and Sophie find it hard to get used to life in World War 2 Britain, with rationing, the black-out and part time schooling. As if that was not enough, what can they do about the men whom they have heard threatening to kill anyone who finds their hide-out in the bunker?

Oliver ‘remembers’ that there is going to be an air raid. Are they and the local schoolchildren really destined to be casualties? Will they ever see their homes in the 21 st century again?

John Halden