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Time-Travel High - by John Halden

Published by Vanguard Press, June 2017

ISBN: 9781784652791 - Avaialbe from all good book sellers

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This story is set in New Zealand, and is based on School Out of Time. It is totally re-writen for the New Zealand audience.

When Larry Bowler, living in 1966, listens to a mysterious recording, he finds himself transported from his home to his school – but 58 years into the future!

How can a boy from 1966 survive in a 2024 school? In any case, Larry is sure no one will believe that he is from 1966. He meets Sienna (full name Sienna-Mania Tuki). She not only believes him, but does her best to help him fit into school.

But can Larry’s new-found friend and her 21 st century technology help him with his real problem – the nasty, bullying schoolmaster of 1966 who is making Larry’s life a misery?