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Abigail and Larry - different people/different times

- same school!


Profile – Larry Robert Bowler

Profile – Abigail-Amera Abdul

Born: 5 th August 1951

Age: 12

Family: Mother – Ethel – works as Machinist in a local factory making cushion covers.

Father – Harold – works as a Clerk in the office of a company who loan money for hire purchase.

Siblings: None.


Ambition: Wants to be RAF pilot. He hopes to join the RAF as soon as he is old enough, and is a member of the Air Training Corps.

Favourite food: Fish and chips.


Born: July 30 th 2005

Age: 12

Family: Mother - Aalia Samaira – works as Doctor’s Receptionist.

Father – Jason – not living with family.

Sibling: Austin Tyler (17) – studying BTEC Music Technology at college.


Ambition: Wants to work with children or in the leisure industry.

Favourite food: Pizza.



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